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Nativism 1920's Carter Stanley

The Red Scare
Ku Klux Klan
Sacco and Vanzetti

After the Great War in Europe ended in 1918 millions of devastated Europeans were seeking refuge in other parts of the world. Many of them tried to come to the United States. As with all other major waves of new immigrants came the resurgence of nativism. Americans were disillusioned by the war and had returned back to a doctrine of isolationism. They shunned diplomatic commitments to foreign countries, denouced foreign "radical" ideas, condemned "un-american" lifestyles, and shut the gates to immigration. This spirit furnaced great prosperity economically, but it spelled doom for Blacks, Catholics, Jews, and other foreigners. The formations of hate groups, legal action, and court decisions helped promote these new feelings.

The Klan in Gainesville, GA